Age: 15 years old
ID: LSF-103140713

Terynce is a happy kid who loves to laugh. Terynce likes to be active, so any time on the playground is greatly appreciated. When it comes to sports and being active, Terynce is all in. From football to tennis, he loves them all. He loves to swim but is wary of the deep end. He was a running back when he played football and he would like to play again when he gets to high school. Terynce loves to play basketball but he says he’s too short to touch the hoop. But Terynce’s favorite sport is wrestling, and he hopes to grow up to be a professional wrestler like his favorite, John Cena.

In his free time, Terynce likes to play video games and watch Netflix or YouTube. Terynce’s favorite video games have anything to do with sports. His Netflix preference is cartoons about superheroes, with his favorite superhero being Spiderman! He loves Marvel and says if he had a superpower he would want to have super strength like the Hulk.

Terynce is a big fan of pizza, but no fish please. He loves blueberry slushies and chocolate ice cream.

Terynce needs a forever family who is ready to love him just as his is and to help him grow into the man that he wants to become. Terynce needs a patient but active family because he is always on the go. Terynce wants a family that has a dog, (golden retriever is preferred) and he would like some brothers and sisters to play with.


Heart Art by Terynce

Photos Courtesy of Shandy Gregg Photography