Refugee Services

Refugee Services

Tikkun olam, a significant value in Jewish teaching, is a concept defined by acts of kindness performed to repair or heal the world. It is the foundation which underlies much of the action by Jewish organizations around social justice. As an agency founded on Jewish values, it is fitting that we play a role in welcoming and helping to resettle refugees from around the world, just as we have played a significant role in supporting Holocaust survivors.

Gulf Coast JFCS

Our Mission

Inspired by Jewish values, we protect the vulnerable and help people achieve fulfilling lives by empowering individuals and strengthening families.

Our Services

Florida Center for Survivors of Torture

photo of smiling survivor or torture

Provides welcoming support and case management for survivors of torture and extreme trauma living in Tampa Bay and Miami-Dade.

Integrated Refugee Services

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Provides social and economic integration services for refugees who have exceeded the initial resettlement period.


National Partnership for Community Training

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Resources to develop the capacity to meet refugees’ mental health needs.

Refugee Employment Match Grant Program

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Providing knowledge, tools and services to help refugees become economically self-sufficient.

Refugee Micro-Enterprise Development

Photo of refugee business women

Promoting refugee women’s entrepreneurship and normalizing business ownership.

Refugee Preferred Communities

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Providing intensive case management and supportive services to recently arrived refugees facing barriers to self-sufficiency.

Refugee Resettlement & Placement

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Resettling refugees from around the world who have been persecuted due to ethnicity, religion, political affiliation, or membership in a social group.

Voices Interpreters & Training Services

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Provides interpretation for Gulf Coast JFCS clients who require verbal or written translation to access services.


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Volunteers are the life-blood of Gulf Coast JFCS.  We are proud of the ongoing commitment demonstrated by hundreds of volunteers each year.

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There are many ways you can be a part of making your community better by working with Gulf Coast JFCS.