Age: 10 years old
Born: December 2010

Jameson and Spyncer are two brothers that have a lot in common. Jameson is in 3rd grade and he loves math, science, and art. His favorite color is every color in the rainbow, even violet. His favorite animals are cats and any reptile. Jameson’s favorite superhero is Spiderman, but if he had a superpower he would want to fly and have super strength. Jameson is an active child who loves to swim, go to the park, play video games, play with his brother, and ride his bike or his scooter. Jameson’s favorite video games are Minecraft and Roadblock. The most inspiring person in Jameson’s life is his mom.

Jameson wants you to know that sometimes his eye twitches and he hopes you won’t ask about it.


Age: 13 years old
Born: June 2008

Spyncer is in the 5th grade and his favorite subjects are also math, science, and art. His favorite colors are red, grey, silver, gold, and gecko green. His favorite animals are huskies, cats, and all reptiles. Spyncer’s favorite superhero is Ironman and if he had any superpower he would want to be able to copy any superpower for five minutes. Spyncer loves to do anything that’s fun inside and outside. Spyncer loves video games and his favorites are Battle Cats and Fudge Ink.

These boys are looking for a mom and a dad as well as “other people.” They want a family with cats and reptiles, and Jameson wants a husky with two colored eyes. They want their forever family to be fun, friendly, cooperative, and loving.


Temporary photos provided by foster/placement family.

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Photo of Spyncer and Jameson

ADOPTED: SIBLINGS: Spyncer & Jameson