Age: 5 years old

Hanna is a Caucasian girl – she is one of the happiest, sweetest little girls you’ll ever meet. She loves to spend time playing outside on the swings, on the slides, and with her many toys!

Hanna needs a family who can keep up with her energy, and who will love her and her brother unconditionally as they both grow up together.


Age: 16 years old

Joshua, Caucasian, is the quieter sibling – he is much more soft-spoken than his little sister. He is very polite and will help around the house when needed – especially if he gets some ice cream afterward!

Joshua enjoys spending his time playing video games and hanging out with his little sister. He knows that they both need a family who will support them and help them grow together and seperately.


Heart Art by Hanna and Joshua

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Hanna and Joshua Heart Art

Hanna and Joshua