Age: 16 years old

Malachi is a kind, thoughtful 8th grader who loves football, basketball, and school. He’s on the honor roll, has a great sense of humor and loves to joke around and make things fun. An ideal day for Malachi would be to listen to Jazz music, go shopping, go to amusement parks and basically just enjoy the day. Malachi really likes to help others and largely because of that, he hopes to become a police officer one day to help even more people.

Malachi would thrive with a Tampa family that would help him stay connected to his school, friends and therapeutic services.  Older siblings would be great as Malachi thrives on intellectual stimulation, which older siblings and a family would provide.  If you adopt Malachi, he will share jokes with you and engage in long chats about life, sports, food and anything else you want to chat about.

Heart Art by Malachi

To view Malachi’s photos courtesy of Imagine Pro Photography please submit an inquiry with an approved adoption home study.