Age: 5 years old
Born: March 2016

Khloe is a sweet girl. She starts off timid but becomes very loveable and snuggly. Once she accepts you she will be attached to you like glue. The first thing you will notice about Khloe is that she is very, very, active. She loves to RUN and do flips, which both require a lot of supervision.

Khloe is an observant girl, and enjoys watching people interact. Her favorite toy is an ABC sing-along toy and she enjoys watching her foster mom play brightly colored games.

Khloe is a picky eater. She doesn’t like any meat—no matter what it is or how it is cooked—but Khloe LOVES french fries and bread. Khloe enjoys all juices and she even loves protein shakes which tend to help fulfill her dietary needs.

Khloe is growing and making huge improvements in her daily life thanks to a very structured, nurturing environment.


Temporary photos courtesy of Case Management

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Photo of Khloe