Age: 13 years old

Funny, energetic, smart, and athletic, Jeremiah loves showing off his back flips–something he likes most about himself. When he is at the park, one his favorite places to go for fun, he loves to practice football and anything where he can add a flip or two. Jeremiah enjoys the park so much, if he could change the world, he would make every day sunny, so he can go every day!

If he can’t get to the park, Jeremiah is happiest when he gets to watch his favorite shows, play with his action figures, or play video games. He especially likes monsters and things most people find “scary”. But underneath the attempts to surprise you and get a reaction out of you, Jeremiah is a little boy looking for a chance for a normal childhood. He has no limits on his energy or his imagination.

Jeremiah’s favorite food is chicken, but if it’s breakfast, he’ll pass on Rice Crispy cereal. Jeremiah’s favorite subject in school is math and his other favorites include the color blue and tigers. When he grows up, Jeremiah hopes to be a football player or a police officer. He also hopes to have a cat as a pet someday.

Jeremiah is an active boy who needs a lot of attention from the right family. It would be ideal for him to be an only child and to have a male figure within the household. He would like his future forever family to live in the Tampa Bay region and include a mom and dad who can give him a lot of unconditional love and support on his journey to adulthood.


Heart Art by Jeremiah

Photos courtesy of Shandy Gregg Photography