Age: 15 years old
Born: February 2005

Ethan is a 7th grade young man who likes science class the best. Why science? So that he can learn ways to help people. He wants to be a police officer and also work at the aquarium when he grows up because he wants to help people and help animals. If he could have a pet snake, he would be happy, but he would settle for a hamster or a bunny.

If Ethan could have superpowers, they would be to fly and to be invisible and have super strength so that he could swoop in and save people. Meanwhile, you will find Ethan playing basketball or football. His favorite football team is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

All Ethan wants in a family is a nice person to adopt him, hopefully, a mom and a sister.


Photographs courtesy of Skip Milos.


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Photo of Ethan