Ages: 5 years old
Born: March 2015
LSF- 105014876

Ages: 8 years old
Born: November 2011

If there are cars, Sean is in! Known to be affectionate, loving and sweet, Sean loves cars, racetracks – anything pertaining to cars. Matter-of-fact, Sean’s favorite movie is, “Cars.” When he’s not thinking about rubber hitting the pavement, Sean also enjoys singing, especially the camp song “Baby Shark.”

Alexander loves being the star of the show. Alexander’s smile lights up any room and he enjoys making friends with anyone he meets. If you want to bring a smile to Alexander’s face, he loves mac and cheese.

Sean and Alexander need a family who can keep them together while providing for their medical/therapeutic needs. Their adoptive family must be residents of Pinellas or Pasco counties.


Photos courtesy of  Mike Carlson Photography
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Please note the CHILD ID if inquiring about this child.

photo of Sean and Alexander

MATCHED: Siblings Alexander and Sean