Welcoming Afghan Refugees to Tampa Bay


Gulf Coast JFCS Welcoming Afghan Refugees to Tampa Bay

As a continuation of our commitment to resettling Refugees fleeing their home countries due to persecution and violence, Gulf Coast is welcoming the arrival of Afghan refugees to our Tampa Bay community following the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan and the subsequent mass evacuations of Afghan citizens.

Gulf Coast JFCS Refugee assistance programs exemplify Jewish values including “welcoming the stranger” from which the organization was founded nearly fifty years ago. Prior to the Afghan emergency, demand for Gulf Coast JFCS Refugee Services was increasing rapidly due to the current Administration’s increase in the Refugee admissions ceiling. Through its’ Refugee Services, Gulf Coast JFCS provides comprehensive resources to support the successful integration of individuals and families, including airport reception, housing health screenings, community orientations, school admission, and assistance finding employment and child care.

“Gulf Coast JFCS exists to uplift lives for all people, from babies to seniors, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, culture or gender identity. We are steadfast in our commitment to assist and equip refugees with the tools and resources to effectively assimilate, become self-sufficient and empowered to thrive in their new communities,” remarks Dr. Sandra Braham, President and CEO. “We anticipate assisting dozens of Afghan Refugees as well as hundreds more from other countries in the weeks and months ahead.”

To respond to this increased demand for refugee resettlement services, Gulf Coast JFCS has launched a special Refugee Assistance Fund to direct philanthropic contributions to help refugees settle and find safety, comfort and happiness in their new communities. Contributions to this fund will help fill gaps in funding immediate resettling expenses such as housing, food, clothing, job seeking, and child care assistance. Finding affordable, safe housing is especially a challenge in this current housing market.

Those who wish to contribute to the Gulf Coast JFCS Refugee Assistance Fund or assist in some other capacity, please visit https://gulfcoastjewishfamilyandcommunityservices.org/refassist/ or contact Sue Farley, Vice President for Development, Susan.Farley@gcjfcs.org.

Welcoming Afghan Refugees to Tampa Bay