Reparations and Support of Local Holocaust Survivors Expanding


Reparations and Support of Local Holocaust Survivors Expanding

(CLEARWATER, FL – August 12, 2022) – Gulf Coast JFCS is now able to provide increased service and support to Holocaust survivors residing in Greater Tampa Bay thanks to an expanded definition of what it means to be a Holocaust survivor and growing philanthropic support.

The Greater Tampa Bay area is home to Holocaust survivor community with more survivors coming to us for services each year.  Due to reparations efforts, eligibility for Holocaust survivor services has expanded beyond those who spent time in a concentration camp, forced/slave labor camp, ghetto or who were compelled to flee the Nazis and became refugees.  This, alongside increased needs in this aging population, has prompted many survivors who previously did not seek compensation to now do so. 

Currently serving nearly 250 survivors, Gulf Coast JFCS can now provide increased service and support to the region’s survivors through their partnership with the Claims Conference, an international organization established following World War II to advocate for and facilitate reparations. New reparations opportunities include Increased income and asset eligibility levels; supplemental hardship payments; region-specific pensions (not for current Article 2 recipients) for those impacted by the Siege of Leningrad, Axis-occupied Romania, or who spent 3 months hiding in France; payments for the spouse of a deceased Article 2 Holocaust survivor, which the recipient does NOT need to be a survivor.

In addition to resources provided by Gulf Coast JFCS through funding by the Claims Conference, other assistance is available through Gulf Coast JFCS for needs such as dental care, medications, home repairs, etc.

For local free support including applying for compensation and case management, please contact the Gulf Coast JFCS Holocaust Survivor Program at or (727) 479-1811.

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Reparations and Support of Local Holocaust Survivors Expanding