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A celebration honoring Jan and Craig Sher

and other inspiring heroes of Gulf Coast JFCS.

Holocaust Survivor Program Urgent Assistance Fund

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Gulf Coast JFCS assists 242 Holocaust Survivors who require varying levels of assistance for essential daily living activities. For many, the high costs of medical and home care have depleted their financial reserves resulting in a significant gap in care without our assistance. Approximately 30% of Holocaust survivors live below the poverty line.

Make an Impact:

  • $10,000: Urgent care needs for 1 survivor.
  • $5,000:   Restorative dental work for 2 survivors.
  • $1,800:   Food insecurity support for 18 survivors
  • $1,000:   Medical alert systems for 4 survivors.
  • $180:      Week of home care for 1 survivor.
  • $72:        Companionship and transportation for 1 survivor.

These funds will be directed to the most urgent care needs for survivors, prioritizing those in their 90’s and others with the greatest safety risk or medical vulnerability.

How To Make Your Contribution:

1) Contact staff leadership at either Gulf Coast JFCS or Federation for Florida’s Gulf Coast to discuss your contribution.

Gulf Coast JFCS

Federation of Florida’s Gulf Coast

2) Direct your contribution by written correspondence, either email or letter, to GCJFCS Holocaust Survivor Program, Urgent Assistance Fund.

Event Details

Wednesday, April 28, 2021
at 7:30- 8:30 pm
Live Stream

FACES of Inspiration, our signature fundraising event, recognizes individuals who overcome hardships and find the ability to thrive within our communities as a result of receiving support from Gulf Coast JFCS. This celebration also honors one or more individuals whose philanthropy and volunteer leadership have accomplished significant outcomes for Gulf Coast JFCS.


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Lifetime Achievement Award

Jan & Craig Sher

Jan & Craig Sher

Distinguished Achievement Award

Barbara Sterensis

For More Information

If you have questions about FACES, please contact the Marketing and Development department at marketing@gcjfcs.org or 727-479-1805.