Lives Uplifted, previously known as FACES of Inspiration, is the signature fundraising event for Gulf Coast JFCS recognizing individuals who overcome hardships and find the ability to thrive within our communities.

This celebration also honors individuals whose philanthropy and leadership are significantly uplifting lives in our community.

Together, we make our community and the world a better place.

Gulf Coast JFCS exists to uplift lives for all people. 
FACES of Inspiration provides a glimpse into this humanitarian outreach and the heroes who make it possible.

Please join us to recognize this year’s honorees while supporting the life-enhancing programs of Gulf Coast JFCS
thousands of people each year from babies to seniors.

Highlights from 2022 Faces of Inspiration

FACES of Inspiration Honoree Videos

FACES of Inspiration,
the signature fundraising event for Gulf Coast JFCS, recognizes individuals who overcome hardships
and find the ability to thrive.

We also honor volunteers who have demonstrated commitment to our organization through years of dedicated service and philanthropy.

Faces 2022 Ambassador Cabinet

Owen LaFave – Community Chair  |  Jay Miller – Event Chair

Jared Abelman

Judy Benjamin

Marilyn Benjamin

Debbie & Jody Berner

Stacy & Will Conroy

Andrea & Zach Coopersmith

Sue & Ron Diner

Cindy & Eric Feder

Judy Genshaft & Steve Greenbaum

Shanna & Bryan Glazer

Phyllis & Gary Gould

Vicki & Andy Hano

Sally & Bill Israel

Kimberly Johnson & Jeffrey Howells

Diane & Shelly Kamins

Julie & Scott Klavans

Blossom Leibowitz

Helen Levine

Karen & Mark Marder

Jan & Jay Miller

Sonia Raymund

Steve Raymund

Noreen Sablotsky

Elizabeth & David Samuelson

Susie & Alan Schwartz

Debbie & Brent Sembler

Liz & Greg Sembler

Jan & Craig Sher

Deena & Larry Silver

Skipper & Ezra Singer

Emilie & Shane Socash

Abby Sterensis

Barbara & Joe Sterensis

Lorna Taylor

Vicki & Skip Tylman

Robin Warren

Jennifer Webb & Cynthia Wurner

Terri & Lane Ziegler

Holocaust Survivor Urgent Care Fund


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Gulf Coast JFCS assists 250+ Holocaust Survivors from the Greater Tampa Bay area who require varying levels of assistance for essential daily living activities. For many, the high costs of medical and home care have depleted their financial reserves resulting in a significant gap in care without our assistance. Approximately 30% of Holocaust survivors live below the poverty line.

Make an Impact:

  • $10,000: Urgent care needs for 1 survivor.
  • $5,000:   Restorative dental work for 2 survivors.
  • $1,800:   Food insecurity support for 18 survivors
  • $1,000:   Medical alert systems for 4 survivors.
  • $180:      Week of home care for 1 survivor.
  • $72:        Companionship and transportation for 1 survivor.

These funds will be directed to the most urgent care needs for survivors, prioritizing those in their 90’s and others with the greatest safety risk or medical vulnerability.

How to Make Your Online Contribution

To make your online donation, click “donate” and follow the prompts.  Your contribution will go directly to the Holocaust Survivor Urgent Care Fund.

How to Make Your Contribution Offline

Contact staff leadership at Gulf Coast JFCS, the Federation for Florida’s Gulf Coast, or Tampa JCCs and Federation to discuss your contribution.  If making a donation via email or postal mail, please direct your contribution to the “GCJFCS Holocaust Survivor Program Urgent Care Fund.”

Gulf Coast JFCS

Federation of Florida’s Gulf Coast

Tampa JCCs and Federation