ADOPTED: SIBLINGS: Lilian, Jaelynn, & Anthony


MATCHED: Siblings




Age: 13 years old

Age: 9 years old

Age: 7 years old




Lilian is the oldest of her siblings. She is very creative and has many interests like reading, writing, making movies, and drawing. Lilian’s favorite subject in school is theatre and loves to listen to hype music. Lilian may not be sure what she wants to be when she grows up yet, but she’s excited to graduate. Her favorite food is mac n cheese and she also enjoys Outback Steakhouse. She wishes she had invisibility powers for the days she doesn’t like being seen. And if she had a pet, she would like to have a big friendly dog or a bird to be her companion. Lilian’s ideal family is one that will be able to take care of her and her siblings. She wants to see the world with them and take lots of photos to remember their adventures.

Jaelynn’s favorite subject at school is science. She loves to play outside and on her tablet, and she enjoys watching soccer. If Jaelynn could have a pet she would love a dog. Her super power would be the ability to teleport anywhere she wants. Jaelynn likes to listen to Disney music and her favorite part of herself is that she is her own unique person. Jaelynn is spiritually inspired to be better every day, and if you talked to her best friend, they would tell you that Jaelynn is so nice and caring.

Anthony is the youngest of the bunch and he is all about dogs. Anthony wants a dog as a pet and he would like to be a dog trainer when he grows up.  He thinks playing with a big fluffy dog is a must for everyone at least once in their life. He loves the Bucs, pop music, and learning math in school. He loves McDonald’s and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  Anthony wishes he had a laser beam as a super power. Anthony is always being told what a great job he is doing and his foster parent, “Mr. Dave”, inspires him to keep being better. His dream is to have a mom and dad’s house to come home to every day.

Photographs by Marina Berdnik

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