Age: 5 years old
Born: November 2016

Aaryn is a happy, strong-willed four-year-old who loves to be outdoors. She enjoys the water and playing on her iPad, and one of her favorite things is to watch Disney movies and sing along with her favorite characters. Her favorite movies are Moana and Frozen. A normal day for Aaryn involves waking up early for her medication and breakfast, then playing outside and getting some sunshine. Afterward, she comes in for lunch which requires special assistance, and then she is ready for a nap. After nap time, Aaryn is ready to play again. She likes to go on walks before dinner.

Aaryn would thrive with a medically trained family that is loving, patient, and can keep an eye on her wandering, curious soul. Aaryn will take some time to warm up to you, but once she does, she shows her bright and sunny side.

Photos Courtesy of Diana Joy Photography

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Photo of Aaryn