Born on 12/22/2002

Yaromie wants to serve her country as a Marine someday. But for now, Yaromie is happiest when she gets to hang out with her friends, as well as watch movies, like her favorite, Captain Underpants.
She also loves going to the mall, mostly to look at shoes, especially if they are Converse. Yaromie also loves the colors red and black, the TV show Catfish, and Fetty Wap. At school, her favorite subjects are reading, math and history. If you’re serving pizza or tacos, Yaromie is there, but she will pass on sandwiches.
Yaromie’s ideal family will have parents who like to spend time together as a family – playing Monopoly on rainy days or going to the park or beach when it’s sunny out. Siblings would be a bonus!

Photo courtesy of Angela Clifton Photography

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