Age: 11 years old
Born: September 2009

Tyler is just turning 11 and is a typical 6th grader who happens to love math.  For sports, Tyler likes basketball the most. Friends would describe him as accepting of people’s differences and a “good kid” who helps them when he can.  Tyler’s favorite foods are oatmeal and lasagna. He likes to play Fortnite and Minecraft and his favorite colors are yellow and blue…and sometimes orange.  His favorite super hero is Shazam – because he can zap bad guys, but if Tyler could have a super power it would be the power to help people.  He is quite the humanitarian after all, and he wants every person to know they have good qualities. Tyler also likes to rap by himself but also likes to play hide and seek with family – family is important so his forever family will need to be open to allowing him to maintain contact with relatives. Do you have a Husky?  That would be Tyler’s dream dog in a home with a kind family.

Photographs courtesy of Imagine Pro Photography.

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