Age: 15 years old

Trystan is a friendly 15-year-old special young man with a huge smile and a big heart! He is over 6 feet tall, has brown hair and eyes. Trystan is a very loving, caring person with a charming personality. Everyone that meets him, loves him and he makes friends easily. He is an advocate for the underdog and is described as loving, super smart and energetic. Trystan is mindful of other’s feelings and those who know him best will tell you that he apologizes way too much. If he does not see friends or staff for a few days he will ask about them.

Trystan’s favorite reading books are the series The Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Dog Man. He says that Taylor Swift is his inspiration, because she is beautiful, and hates bullies and has good music. He is very into fashion and is excited about shopping for new clothing. Trystan loves to shop at Five Below for anything! You will often see him wearing suspenders that attach to his pants, in true fashionista style!

Trystan loves dogs and is thinking about working with dogs or working at Walmart. His favorite color is red, but that changes frequently. If you need help doing dishes, Trystan is your guy. Trystan will thrive best in a home where he is provided a lot of structure, daily assistance with life skills and patience as he explores the world on his own terms.

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