Age: 13 years old
Born: October 2007

Siyon is outgoing and friendly! He says he is easy to get along with and loves to have fun. For fun, Siyon enjoys video games, movies and hanging out with friends. Siyon also loves to be active. Playing a sport is one of his favorite ways to spend an afternoon. He loves football and loves going to football games!

When asked how he would change the world, he responded with “Everyone should be nicer. Let’s start there”.

Another thing Siyon enjoys is food. He likes pizza and snacks. There is not a lot of food he doesn’t like.

Siyon does not know what or who he wants to be when he grows up yet, but he does need a family who can help him figure that out. His ideal family will have two moms who are kind, fun and will play games with him.


Photos courtesy of Liara Studios

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