SIBLINGS: Naya, 13 years old & Elliot, 14 years old

Naya and Elliot are both looking for their forever family together. They are hoping for a mom and a dad who will support them and help them learn and grow, seperately and together as a family.

Naya has a passion for dance, cheerleading, and band, while Elliot likes to spend his time drawing, listening to music, and playing football. They both also participate in a dance group that they created with their friends!

They enjoy watching their home team, the Bucs, play football, and they both express themselves often through different forms of art and creative outlets. In fact, Elliot hopes to be an actor or an artist when he grows up, and Naya wants to be a professional hip hop or ballet dancer!

These siblings are both kind and thoughtful to those they care about and they are looking forward to meeting their future forever family to share their life with.


Heart Art by Naya & Elliot

Photos Courtesy of The Heart Gallery of Pinellas and Pasco

Elliot Heart Art Naya Heart Art

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SIBLINGS: Naya & Elliot