Mark and Mary


Age: 15 years old

Born: June, 2005




Age: 12 years old

Born:  December 2008 


Mary is the older sibling of the two and she is in 9th grade. Mary enjoys watching TV and singing in her spare time. At school, Mary loves to be in Art class where she can be creative and express herself freely. Mary isn’t a huge fan of sports, but she does like country music like her little brother, and she hopes to be a fashion designer or work in childcare when she grows up. Mary is always being told that she is very nice, caring, and has the prettiest eyes. Talkative and curious about the world, Mary loves to snack on chocolate, hot dogs, and Olive Garden.

Mark is in 5th grade and he is the younger brother to his sister Mary. His favorite subjects in school are Physical Education and Art. When he grows up , Mark would like to work at the Dollar Tree or Burger King. Mark loves to play kickball and tag because he is a really fast runner, although if he had a superpower he would want to have the ability to time travel. Mark enjoys listening to country music and if he could, he would eat chicken pot pie, spaghetti, and Golden Corral forever.

Both Mark and Mary would love to have more siblings in their family and they hope to meet a family who is kind and loving.

Photos by:  Christina Strong Photography


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