Siblings: Kevin, Patricia and Jason


Age: 13 years old
Born: June 2007
YFA 102477258

Kevin is the oldest of his siblings. He is heading into the 8th grade with an interest in science. Kevin wants to go into the military to make sure he gets good benefits so that he will be able to pursue a career in zoology. Kevin has an interest in reptiles and says his favorite animal is the snake. He also loves to go fishing, which he thinks are early demonstrators of his passions, and wishes to set forth the ambition to study.
His inspiration is his GAL. When asked what he wants to change about the world, he said he hopes to one day be able to change the foster care system. He wishes he had super speed so that he could speed things up. His favorite videos games are Borderlands and his favorite color is pink.
His point of contact states that Kevin, “feels hopeless about his adoption, which makes him need a family who is going to be nurturing of him -who will foster his ideals and what he wants to do. He needs a family who will give him his own room because he feels parentified, and to have a yard for him and his siblings to play in, so that he can learn what it means to be a kid.”

Photos Courtesy of Julie Semancik



Age: 8 years old
Born: March 2012

Patricia is going into the third grade. Her favorite subjects at school are art and science. During the summer months, Patricia likes to play inside but otherwise typically prefers to be outside. She enjoys planting things, playing sports and electronics. Patricia has an interest in music. She loves to listen to jazz mixed with rock, church music, rap and pop. Patricia is hoping to learn the guitar soon. The super power Patricia would want to be is the Angel; she would like teleportation to get to places instantly. She would then make the corona virus disappear and leave this earth.
Patricia likes to spend time as a family on rainy days snuggled up on the couch with cocoa and watch movies, play music and make up songs. She loves playing in the backyard with her brothers and having cookouts with friends. She would prefer a single mom family who would read her books and eat sushi.

Photos Courtesy of Brandi Images



Age: 11 years old
Born: April 2009
YFA- 102478535

Jason as a result is a little bit more talkative of the two brothers. He is a 5th grade artist, whose favorite medium is drawing and his favorite color is red. Jason enjoys playing video games a lot with his older brother. Other than that Jason spends his time drawing, reading graphic novels, and moping – as cleanliness has become something of importance to him. He wishes he had the super-power to turn invisible. He finds himself funny and prides himself as an artist.
He said the most influential words on racism as he shares “it’s not fair to pick on people for their skin color when they don’t get to choose what color they are born with.”
He hopes to have adoptive parents who are younger so they can relate to how he feels. Other than that, he hopes that he can find a family that has clean dogs that like to snuggle in bed (but cats are preferable).

Photos Courtesy of Lauren Linahon

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