Joshua, 13 years old

Joshua is a kid with a very big heart, he has an affectionate smile. He is always willing to help around the house. He loves to do chores, and he loves playing on his tablet. Joshua is into trains, He is a very big fan of Thomas train sets. If you asked him a question about trains he will surely give you the correct answer. Joshua needs a family who can assist him with some of his special needs. A family who can love him unconditionally because Joshua has a lot of Love to give back.

Nicholas, 10 years old

Nicholas is a “laid back” type of guy. He is quite and loves to read. He is always learning something new. The boy is a walking encyclopedia. He loves to get his point across and is very articulate. His favorite food is pizza. He loves to play video games. Nick love spending time with his brother. He wants to be an astronaut when he grows up so he can see the world from up above.

Charlotte, 8 years old

Is a sweet and loving child, she loves being a big sister. She is very helpful when it come to making sure her sisters are following the rules. She is always watching people trying to learn something new. Charlotte loves to read to her sisters at bed time. Charlotte is very athletic and love to play outside on the monkey bar and trampoline. Charlotte’s favorite color is blue and see loves to eat string beans. Charlotte is passionate in everything she does and wants to make sure everything is just perfect.

Amy, 6 years old

Amy is a little spark plug; she is so full of life. She loves to pass out hugs when she comes home from school. She loves playing with her 2 sisters. She is always trying to copy what Charlotte is doing. Amy loves to dress up like a superhero; her favorite super hero is Superwoman. Amy wants to be a superhero when she grows up so she can help people. Amy loves to color and draw and play with her dolls and kitchen set. Amy favorite color is purple and her favorite food is tater tots and Mac&Cheese.

Lisa, 3 years old

Lisa is very mature for her age and very independent. She dresses herself and makes up her own bed. Lisa is very smart and a fast learner. She is doing really well in her daycare. Lisa is what you can call a “girly girl” always looking in the mirror stating the fact “I’m so beautiful”. Lisa and her sisters play so well together, after school they are always together playing in their room or either in the backyard. One of their favorite things to do is “play dress up” and pretend to cook in their kitchen set. Her sisters are always putting Lisa up to asking for snacks, she acts as the spokesperson for the sisters. We call them the three musketeers’.


Photos Courtesy of Case Management

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MATCHED: SIBLINGS: Joshua, Nicholas, Charlotte, Amy & Lisa