ADOPTED: Siblings Jasmine and Jayden


Age: 15 years old
Born: July 2004

Jasmine is the older sibling, although she is quieter and more reserved than her younger brother, Jayden. She likes to spend her free time outside or on her phone. Jasmine’s favorite music genres are rap and R&B. Her favorite superhero is the Flash because he can run really fast. And unlike her brother she loves tomatoes, when it’s in PIZZA, because it’s her favorite food. Jasmine wants to be a cosmetologist or model and practices cosmetology in her placement by braiding the other girls’ hair. A hidden talent Jasmine would like you to know is that she is a good reader.
Jasmine is looking for a family who will love her and her brother and listen to what she is saying.  And she wants you to know that you will fall in love with her freckles and her dimples, because those are her favorite traits.


Age: 13 years old
Born: August 2006

Jayden is more outgoing than his sister Jasmine, and he will let you know it! Jayden likes to play soccer and his favorite subjects in school are science and math. His favorite food is sushi, but he won’t eat anything with mushrooms and tomatoes! He wants you to know he is very flexible and can go with the flow in almost every situation, and he knows everyone likes him. Jayden wants to be a scientist when he grows up. He doesn’t like the beach, but he once went to Virginia and went tubing and had a really good time. Jayden wants you to know that he knows how to play the clarinet!
Jayden is looking for a small family with maybe one or two more siblings and a family that has a lot of pets. He really loves cheetahs, although he doesn’t expect you to have one of those! He wants his family to teach him how to cook, which is why if he had a super power he would want to be able to stop time so he could have enough time to cook his own food. Both kids are hoping that their future family will take them to see snow!

Original photographs by: Liara Studios

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