Age: 13 years old
Born: January 2008

Age: 16 years old
Born: June 2004

Brooklyn and Cheyanne want to be adopted together. Both girls like to play games, go to the movies, eat out, socialize with friends, you know, normal kid stuff.

As the big sister, Cheyanne needs to know that as she makes her way through high school and onto college, that their forever family will be there for her little sister Brooklyn, just like she has been there for her all her life.  In fact, if a family has younger children in the home, that would be just fine with both of them as they have a lot of love to share. Pets would be cool too, but the girls may not agree if a dog would be better than a rabbit.

Brooklyn thrives best when she has ample attention and assistance from caring adults who can provide unconditional love and access to services that are helping her meet her needs.  Brooklyn loves school, idolizes her big sister and makes friends easily. Brooklyn is always helping her classmates and showing great concern for the welfare of others.

Cheyanne is an independent, smart young lady who loves reading, is thriving in high school and is well on her way to further education and a career in science. Shy at first, it takes Cheyanne a while to open up to people she doesn’t know well, but once she does, you will meet a mature, talented young lady who knows who she is and where she is going.

These inseparable sisters want a forever family to adopt them as soon as possible because the future is bright for both of them, but it will be a lot brighter when they are adopted by their forever family.


Photos Courtesy of Marina Berdnik

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Brooklyn and Cheyanne matched

MATCHED: Siblings Brooklyn and Cheyanne