Siblings: Brendan and Alex


Age: 15 years old
Born: January 2005

Brendan is the older brother to Alex. These brothers have many things in common including which teams they route for in sports (Florida state) and wanting a dog. They both play football and are both easy to talk to kids who will tell you that they are both a little goofy.
Brendan hopes to go to Florida State or Eckerd College to study marine biology, however right now Language Arts is his strongest subject in 9th grade. He hopes that by playing football and swimming, he can get a scholarship to help when he’s off to college.  Brendan knows his strong suit is that he is very athletic and that he is very good at talking to people. He is currently the wide receiver in football because he is a good catcher. But when Brendan is off the field he likes to play video games on his PlayStation.
Brendan thinks the best superpower to have would be telekinesis, the ability to move objects with his mind. He likes to listen to hip-hop music and loves to eat the combo of steak and mac & cheese. He hopes to go to New York one day and often ponders why the sky is blue, what the meaning of life is, and why Google states that the meaning to life is 43 (a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy reference.) The best compliment he has received is that he looks and acts older than his age. Brendan used to have a bulldog and would like to have another one with his forever family or maybe a husky.


Age: 13 years old
Born: November 2006

Brendan’s ideal family would be a mom and a dad with his brother by his side.
Alex, being the younger brother, looks up to Brendan for inspiration. Alex’s favorite subject in 7th grade is math and he likes to listen to rap music. If he had a superpower, he would choose super speed. His favorite food is pizza with sausage and pepperoni. Alex plays football like his brother, but also plays basketball and baseball. Besides cheering for Florida State, Alex also roots on LSU and Baltimore.
Alex’s friends would describe him as a cool and likeable kid, who is easy to hang out with and who likes to joke around. What he likes most about himself is himself and the fact that he is alive. He wishes for every person to have fun at least once in their life and wonders why people go around the world hurting others. His life’s motto is “Live life while you have it.” Unlike his brother, Alex wants a small to medium sized white dog in his forever home and he wants either a mom and a dad, or a single dad to adopt them. His ideal home would be a two story, four-bedroom house with a big backyard near a field or park where kids would come out to play in the rain with him or play football with him and his brother.

Photos  courtesy of Brandi  Image Photography

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