Age: 13 years old
Born: December 2006
LSF- 101376753

Breale is the older sister to Bianca, and she is headed into 6th grade. Her favorite color is blue. Breale likes to talk with her friends about cats. Future travel dreams include a big trip to New York City. Breale loves reading chapter books on all types of topics. Her ideal family would include a mom who would read chapter books to her and help coach her through life.


Age: 12 years old
Born:  August 2008

Bianca is the younger sister to Breale, and she is heading into 7th grade. Bianca does not like the color purple (at all) but loves blue, red, green, black, white, gold, and silver. Her best friends would describe her funny and weird. Bianca’s favorite chore to do is cleaning up her room. One of Bianca’s passions is drawing. Her three favorite tv shows are Vampire Diaries, Legacy, and The Originals. Bianca wants a family with a house with a big backyard and a pool.

Photos by: Brandi Image Photography

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Photo of Bianca and Breale

MATCHED: SIBLINGS: Breale & Bianca