Age: 17 years old
Born: September 2003

Now in High School, Sarah gets A’s and B’s on her report cards. Sarah’s favorite subject is math because she likes the challenge. She is ready for a permanent family and very much wants to be adopted.

Described as kind, loving and helpful, Sarah is happiest when she is around other people. For fun, Sarah enjoys watching TV and playing games on her tablet. Sarah enjoys swimming, running, playing outside, and going to the park.

Sarah’s favorite color is pink. Her favorite food is pizza, but she’ll pass on yogurt. If eating out is an option, her favorites are Denny’s, McDonald’s and Golden Corral.

Sarah will need a family that can provide supervision and daily guidance on becoming a young adult. Sarah’s ideal forever family is an affectionate family that likes hugs, with a mom and dad, one or two siblings and a family pet.

Photos courtesy of Mike Carlson Photography

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