Friday, January 19th, 2018


webinarThrough these Webinars you can learn more about important issues in the torture treatment field, hear leaders in the field discuss effective interventions, and gain an understanding of challenges faced by survivors of torture.


Assisting Refugees in Applying for Disability Exceptions for U.S. Citizenship (March 2015)

Alternative Approaches to Refugee Mental Health (August 2016)

Addressing Mental Health, PTSD, and Suicide in Refugee Communities (July 2014)

Clinical Approaches in Integrative Healthcare (June 2017)

Community Engagement: Refugee Focused Collaboratives Post Webinar Discussion (January 2017)

Community Impact: Effective Messaging and Trauma Informed Care Approaches (January 2017)

Domestic Violence: Individual, Systemic, and Community Impact (July 2016)

Emergency and Psychological Preparedness: Supporting Survivors and Ourselves During Crises (May 2013)

Group Treatment at the Bellevue/NYU Program for Survivors of Torture: Rationale, Processes and Development (June 2013)

How Communities Can Respond to Grief (February 2017)

Health Promotion for Torture and Trauma Survivors (September 2011)

Identifying and Reinforcing Resiliency in Torture Survivors (August 2012)

Integrated Health and Mental Health Approaches to the Care of Torture Survivors (June 2012)

Integrating Refugee Mental Healthcare: RHS-15 and healthcare providers (June 2017)

Integrative Healthcare Settings: Exploring approaches and benefits for refugees (May 2017)

Integrative Healthcare Settings: Addressing mental health in primary care Post Webinar Discussion (May 2017)

Introduction to NPCT’s Refugee Mental Health Approach (February 2016)

Language Access: Understand and Advocate for your clients’ interpretation rights (October 2016)

Loss and Healing Case Study (February 2017)

Mental Health Interpretation: Program Structures and Funding Challenges (April 2016)

Mental Health Screening Tools and Referral Networks (March 2016)

Overcoming a Violent Past: Understanding the Prevalence of Domestic Violence in Post Conflict Communities (February 2013)

Primary Care for Survivors of Torture and Refugee Trauma (December 2010)

Promoting Resilience and Reducing Risk Factors for Refugee and Immigrant Youth: A Trauma Systems Approach (July 2017)

Reducing Refugee Mental Health Stigma by Leveraging Community Leaders to Educate Providers (September 2015)

Resilience among Refugee Youth and Families (July 2017)

Sexual Violence as a Tool of Torture and Weapon During Conflict (March 2011)

Strengthening the Congolese Community: Background, Resettlement and Treatment (December 2013)

Substance Abuse and the Torture Survivor Experience (March 2014)

Suicidality Among Refugees: Program Approaches and Community Responses (May 2016)

The Trauma Story: An Empathic and Therapeutic Conversation with the Survivor (September 2010)

Trauma, Spirituality and Faith: An Overview of the Interplay as Survivors Risk Connection and Recovery (November 2014)

Working Clinically with Traumatized Refugee Children and Families (April 2013)

Working with Interpreters: Service Provision with Torture Survivors (January 2015)

Working with Refugees with PTSD (June 2014)

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