Saturday, February 24th, 2018

Registration for Regional Technical Assistance Call

The call is meant to bring together key players in your region to discuss common issues. We are doing lots of preparation going into the call, so that we can focus on solutions to problems your programs and regions may be facing. The idea is to create a better-networked region, to connect you all with each other, to position some programs that have implemented successful initiatives as local resources, and to be a springboard for further discussion.

Your region’s state refugee coordinators, state refugee health coordinators, ORR regional representatives, and SAMHSA regional representatives, will be encouraged to attend. This is an opportunity to connect with them as well. Programs from your region, which have been recommended to attend by various stakeholders and state leaders, will also be encouraged to attend. NPCT will moderate the call and provide expertise to address salient issues.

Region 3 Technical Assistance Call

Please complete the form to join the regional technical assistance call November 28th at 10AM ET.
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