Saturday, January 20th, 2018

About NPCT



The National Partnership for Community Training (NPCT) is a technical assistance program funded by the Office of Refugee Resettlement that supports refugee providers throughout the United States. Our team builds capacity in refugee mental health for providers to effectively screen, refer, assist, and serve refugees’ emergent mental health issues and to continue growing formal and nontraditional mental health service provision. By leveraging the internal expertise of our Refugee Youth Program and the Florida Center for Survivors of Torture within Gulf Coast Jewish Family and Community Services, to promote best and promising practices in service provision, NPCT provides TA opportunities focused on national and regional issues.

Specifically, our goals are:

To develop programs’ capacity to meet the mental health needs of refugee populations To increase refugee programs’ quality and sustainability
To promote and disseminate research into refugee mental health treatment best practices To share information to ensure that providers have the needed resources to implement trauma-informed holistic services aimed at economic and linguistic integration of refugees
To develop Wellness Promotion tools and resources that identify and serve refugees experiencing emotional distress and mental health conditions in order to promote wellness, stabilize mental health, and prevent suicide

NPCT promotes program sustainability by focusing on impact evaluation of our technical assistance activities. NPCT evaluates and strengthens quality and sustainability of our program by creating, disseminating, evaluating and utilizing feedback from any participant involved undertaking.

  • Technical reports for all our projects include the details of the event and an evaluation
  • Needs Assessment for our trainings and curriculum development are completed and used to inform the work that we do
  • Evaluations of our projects and events are used to inform future projects and trainings
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