Saturday, February 24th, 2018

Refugee Youth Programs Research Project

About the Research

The National Partnership for Community Training (NPCT) is conducting a research project on refugee youth programming. We hope to explore whether youth programs have an impact on the family’s health and well-being.

NPCT’s national needs assessment and ongoing national discussions, reaching out to approximately 3,500 refugee resettlement staff and mainstream providers who serve refugees, show the topic of refugee youth was consistently identified as one of interest and relevance. Youth programs have become critical components of refugee services, given the number of school-aged children who have been resettled and the complex roles (e.g. cultural broker) youth play between their new communities and their families. Furthermore, the unique experiences, needs, and strengths of refugee youth illustrate the importance of targeted programs and services to address mental health concerns, strengthen inherent coping skills, and foster healthy family relationships.

This project helps to address the question “Do refugee youth programs affect the health and wellness of refugee families?” The research includes a literature review of refugee youth programming and a two-tiered online survey of refugee youth programs in the U.S.

By completing this survey, you and your organization will be contributing to the national sample size of this research’s refugee-specific youth programs. NPCT will collect your responses and analyze the results to determine national trends, offer insights, and share recommendations.


Who Should Complete the Survey?

Staff members who work in refugee-specific youth programming are encouraged to complete the survey. For the purposes of this research and survey, “refugee-specific youth programming” refers to programs or organizations that:

  1. offer tailored services for refugee youth populations
  2. incorporate culturally appropriate staff trainings and approaches to support refugee youth, or
  3. serve a majority of refugee youth clients/participants/patients, but do not necessarily have a specific program.
It is not a requirement that the program only serve refugees.

Time and Incentives

The survey will collect information about program services, goals, challenges, and successes and will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. Your organization may be eligible for a $15 gift card* for completing a separate and detailed portion of this survey.

NPCT will invite a sample size of those who completed the first survey to participate in a 2nd online survey with more in-depth questions regarding program outputs, measured outcomes, staff training, and family-centered approaches. Those participant organizations will be eligible to receive a $30 gift card* for completing the second survey.

*Only one gift card may be awarded per organization.



Participation in any part of this research project or the surveys is optional and voluntary. Names of organizations/programs/agencies, individual or staff names, and contact information provided in this survey will remain internal to NPCT’s research team and not shared with other agencies or the general public without prior written permission from the organization or individual. The final results will be de-identified and will not tie any individual person or organization with the survey answers.



For more information about this research project, please contact NPCT at

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