Friday, January 19th, 2018

Resilience among Refugee Youth and Families

The National Partnership for Community Training is pleased to present

Resilience among Refugee Youth and Families



  • Define resilience as it relates to refugee youth and their families
  • Describe community-based and family-based clinical interventions for refugee youth and families
  • Share how to incorporate resilience-based activities into overall treatment of refugee youth and families

See the link to the recording here.

See the powerpoint presentation here.

Subject Matter Expert

Suzan Song, MD, MPH, PhD

Suzan J. Song is the Director of the Division of Child/Adolescent & Family Psychiatry and Associate Professor at George Washington University Medical Center. She recently moved from the Bay Area, where she was medical director of an intensive foster care clinic and a survivors of torture community-based clinic, and has been a humanitarian protection advisor in war-affected countries for 8 years. She is a former White House APIA fellow and Harvard Humanitarian Initiative fellow, with training from Harvard, Stanford, and the University of Amsterdam. Her work integrates clinical practice, policy, and research through commissioned projects for the United Nations and has worked in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ethiopia, KwaZulu/Natal, Haiti, and Burundi with current work in Syria/Jordan and the DR Congo. She has grants funded by the Department of Defense and Grand Challenges Canada, as well as commissioned projects for the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, and is focused on family-centered resiliency processes for survivors of extreme trauma.

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