Saturday, February 24th, 2018

Integrating Refugee Mental Healthcare: RHS-15 and healthcare providers

The National Partnership for Community Training is pleased to present

Integrating Refugee Mental Healthcare: RHS-15 and healthcare providers Webinar



  • Illustrate benefits for refugees to have early mental health screenings and ongoing access to services within integrative healthcare models.
  • Share how the scoring of the RHS-15 can help providers identify patient history, including torture.
  • Describe process of creating strong collaborations among physical health and mental health professionals.

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Subject Matter Experts

Mara Rabin, MD

Dr. Rabin graduated from Georgetown University School of Medicine and trained in Family Medicine at the University of Colorado. She conducted Utah’s refugee health screenings for 14 years, cared for over 5000 refugees, and continues to care for many refugees in her current practice. Since 2003, Dr. Rabin has been the Medical Director of Utah Health & Human Rights, a non-profit dedicated to the holistic healing of refugee and immigrant survivors of severe human rights abuses. Dr. Rabin was an invited expert consultant to the Centers for Disease Control’s Refugee Health Screening guidelines and has conducted research on torture prevalence and associated health conditions among Utah’s refugees. She is the co-author of “Torture and Refugees,” a chapter in Refugee Health Care: An Essential Medical Guide. She has spoken locally, nationally, and internationally about the unique health needs of torture survivors. Through the Center for Mind Body Medicine, based in Washington, D.C., Dr. Rabin completed certification in facilitating Mind-Body Skills groups. She has also been recognized by the Utah Refugee Services Office for her “invaluable contribution to improving the health of Utah’s refugees,” by Jewish Family Services for helping “repair the world,” and by the Utah Community Foundation as one of the “Enlightened 50.”

Jan Jenkins, PhD

Jan Jenkins is a clinical psychologist and the Director of the Colorado Refugee Wellness Center. She is a graduate of the University of Colorado and is certified in global mental health through the Harvard Trauma and Recovery Program. Dr. Jenkins has worked extensively in the trauma, integrated care, and refugee mental health arenas and has presented at the North American Refugee Health Conference. She has directed several grant-funded projects pertaining to enhancing health equity for refugees, utilization of refugee health navigators to enhance efficacy of healthcare, and development of culturally responsive systems of refugee integrated care. The CO Refugee Wellness Center is a collaboration between primary care and mental health partners: Metro Community Provider Network and Aurora Mental Health Center. It is located in Aurora, CO, one of the most diverse cities of its size in the country and home to the majority of refugees in the state. Metro Community Provider Network, under contract with the Colorado Refugee Services Program, provides medical screenings for newly arriving refugees and Aurora Mental Health Center partners to provide mental health screenings. Ongoing integrated primary and behavioral healthcare is also provided.


Additional Resources

This webinar was the third installment in a four-part series on integrative healthcare settings.  For further discussion on this topic, view the following links:

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