Sunday, February 25th, 2018

Loss and Healing Case Study

The National Partnership for Community Training is pleased to present:

Loss and Healing Case Study 

This Case Study continues the conversation started in the webinar How Communities Can Respond to Grief providing a more clinical perspective on addressing grief. The interactive format of the Case Study also provided participants with the opportunity to share the challenges and successes they have had with their own cases with colleagues across the country.

The Case Study’s Objectives were as follows:

  • Identify what resettlement agencies can do to support refugees in the healing process
  • Identify specific modalities and techniques utilized by mental health workers when working with refugees to facilitate the healing process
  • Highlight self-care practices for staff working with grieving client

See a link to the recording here.

See the powerpoint here.

Subject Matter Expert

Isabelle Darling, LCSW

Isabelle Darling is the contracted Clinical Lead serving as a mental health consultant for the National Partnership for Community Training Program. Isabelle was raised in New York, educated in Massachusetts, and currently resides in North Carolina. Isabelle has worked with refugees, asylum seekers, and survivors of torture for over 15 years. After receiving her BA at Hampshire College where she focused on the racial identity development of African refugees she worked in various roles advocating for communities impacted by trauma. Her passion working with survivors of trauma has brought her across the globe where she assisted behavioral health teams in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake, co-organized an international conference on social development in Uganda, and served as a Case Manager, group facilitator, and Interim Director at the refugee resettlement site International Institute of Lowell. Isabelle Darling received her MSW from Simmons College with a specialization in trauma treatment. Her social work education focused on the survivor of torture experience through her work with the Center for Refugee Health and Human Rights at Boston Medical Center. Isabelle Darling is a forever student of those that face violence and choose a path of peace.

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