Saturday, February 24th, 2018

Community Engagement Post Webinar-Discussion

The National Partnership for Community Training is pleased to present:

Community Engagement: Refugee-Focused Collaboratives

This Post-Webinar Discussion continues the conversation started in the webinar Community Impact: Effective Messaging and Trauma Informed Care Approaches, further exploring the community engagement strategy of the Refugee Forum of Los Angeles.

The Post Webinar Discussion’s objectives are as follows:

  1. Discuss how community partners can utilize their local expertise to raise awareness and decrease stigma of mental health
  2. Review community engagement strategies used to build and foster community connections
  3. Share ways in which resettlement agencies can best work with national and local partners to enhance community’s mental health perspective

A PDF of the powerpoint is here: Community Engagement PWD PPT, and a link to the Community Engagement PWD Video.

Subject Matter Expert

Carolina Sheinfeld
Since 2016, Carolina Sheinfeld has served as the Chair of the Refugee Forum of Los Angeles, which is comprised of many organizations that encourage its members to create thoughtful and creative community alliances, from which refugees will accrue benefits, provide education and learning opportunities for members and to increase public awareness of the refugees and their vitality in the communities in which they have found homes. Carolina also has worked with the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles since 2003, first as an International Human Rights Analyst and most recently as the Project Coordinator for LAFLA’s Torture Survivors Project. With a team of four attorneys and one social worker her program provides legal assistance, case management and community education to refugees and asylum seekers and facilitates the integration process of vulnerable immigrant groups.

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