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Language Access Webinar

The National Partnership for Community Training is pleased to present the webinar:

Language Access: Understand and advocate for your clients’ interpretation rights

See the webinar here.

See the powerpoint presentation here.


  • Provide overview of relevant language access policies, such as the Civil Rights Act Title VI and ACA Section 1557
  • Identify Medicaid reimbursement implications for direct service staff and healthcare staff
  • Explore advocacy ideas when working with healthcare organizations


Mara Youdelman
Mara Youdelman is the managing attorney in the National Helth Law Program’s (NHeLP) Washington D.C. office. She has worked at NHeLP for more than a decade on issues that include Medicaid, health reform, language access, racial and ethnic disparities, and data collection. Recognized as a national expert on language access in health care settings, Mara has written a number of reports and participated on expert advisory panels on the subject. She is co-author of Ensuring Linguistic Access in Health Care Settings: Legal Rights and Responsibilities and Language Services Resource Guide for Pharmacists. Mara also directed the National Language Access Advocacy Project, funded by the California Endowment to increase awareness of language access issues at the federal level, and served as a Founding Commissioner on the Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters ( She was named a 2011 Language Access Champion by the National Council on Interpreting in Health Care and a 2010 Health Reform Champion by the Summit Health Institute for Research and Education.

Teresita Ramos
Tere Ramos joined the Massachusetts Law Reform Institute (MLRI) as the Language Access attorney in 2015.  She currently focuses her work in ensuring access to justice by limited English proficient (LEP) and Deaf and hard of hearing communities statewide in Massachusetts in all legal areas, including education, healthcare, housing and benefits.  Prior to joining MLRI she was an attorney at the Disability Law Center (DLC) focusing on special education issues related to the Hispanic community across Massachusetts.  Prior to joining DLC, Tere was the Executive Director of Special Education Advocates, a special education and disability advocacy focused on underserved LEP communities.  Tere is the Co-Chair of the Massachusetts Department of Education’s Special Education Advisory Committee, and is a member of the Massachusetts Autism Commission’s education sub-committee.