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Domestic Violence Webinar

The National Partnership for Community Training is pleased to present the webinar:

Domestic Violence: Individual, Systemic, and Community Impact


See the webinar here.

See the powerpoint presentation here.


  • Provide an overview of the legal and policy-level impacts relevant to refugees and DV
  • Discuss issues refugees and resettlement workers face when clients experience domestic violence post-resettlement
  • Identify common challenges and potential solutions for creating a community of service providers dedicated to helping survivors of DV


Elena Dineen
Elena Dineen is a Staff Attorney for Programs at Futures Without Violence.   Her work at Futures focuses on the workplace impacts of domestic and sexual violence, building collaborative responses to human trafficking, and issues related to the intersection between intimate partner violence and immigration.  Prior to joining Futures, Ms. Dineen was a Directing Attorney at California Rural Legal Assistance, Inc. in Salinas, California, where she represented farmworkers and other low-wage workers and their families in employment, education, housing, and immigration cases and litigation.

Limia Obadi
Limia Obadi is the Domestic Violence Program Manager at Tapestri. She is originally from Ethiopia. Her family is from Yemen and she grew up with both middle-eastern and Ethiopian culture. She first began working with Tapestri as a volunteer in March 2009, and started working as a Legal Advocate in February 2010. Limia is very involved with the Ethiopian community in Atlanta. She has been involved in various workshops and has been providing culturally appropriate services for the immigrant and refugee population. She coordinated and organized focus groups and various media advertisements within different communities focusing on efforts to end violence against women and girls. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a Master’s degree in Public Administration. Limia is also a BIA accredited representative and helps survivors with immigration petitions such as VAWA, UVISA and Battered spouse waiver.  Limia speaks Amharic, Arabic and English.