Sunday, February 25th, 2018

Ahmed Family

Welcome to NPCT’s Ahmed refugee family!

Ahmed Family


Grandmother 70 years old

Mother 30 years old

Father 36 years old

Son 13 years old

Daughter 12 years old

Son 4 years old



The decision to use an African family is multi-faceted. Not only are the projected 2016 arrival numbers comprised of a proposed 25,000 arrivals from Africa (see report here), but due to complicated racial dynamics in America the representation of a brown-skinned family from Africa allows for multiple entry points of dialogue related to race and the refugee experience.

Similarly related, the decision to represent the family as Muslim invites participants to think critically about the definition of being a “welcoming community” and the responsibility service providers have to understand the complex constellation of identities that our newest arrivals carry.

The Ahmed family is meant to reflect some of the clients you may be working with, to inspire conversation around tangible examples on our various training topics, and to be a common ground for critical thought related to enhancing mental health services.

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