Sunday, February 25th, 2018

National Symposium Power Point Presentations and Resources

The National Partnership for Community Training hosts a national symposium every three years to bring together national torture treatment experts, leaders, policy analysts, and social service providers to address national and regional issues within the torture and refugee trauma field. In April, 2015, NPCT in collaboration with the University of Miami School of Law’s Human Rights Clinic presented Connecting Leaders, Impacting Communities & Sustaining Programs: Strengthening the National Torture Treatment Network to 149 participants in 30 states with key note address by Mawi Asgedom and Daniel Trust.

Creating Refugee Wellness Programs in Ohio and North Carolina

Designing and Evaluating Trauma-Informed Programming to Improve Outcomes for Refugee Women in the U.S.

Faith Leaders as Strategic Partners

Improving Outcome Study Design: Association of Psychosocial Factors Associated with Recovery of Survivors of Torture

Integrated Holisitic Approach to Medical and Mental Health Care The New H5 Model

Legal Practitioners’ Perspective on Effective and Ethical Representation of Torture Survivors, Asylum Seekers, and Refugees

New Frameworks to Build and Sustain Programs

Psychological Issues and Techniques in Navigating the Asylum Process

Refugee Mental Health Program Challenges

The Role of Policy and Advocacy in Refugee, Immigration, and Torture Treatment Services

Strategic Partnerships and Fundraising Techniques

Training the Next Generation of Refugee Service Providers

Working with Interpreters in Refugee Services


Stories of Hope from Bhutanese Refugees: Moving from Distress to Wellness

Colorado Welcomes. It’s What We Do. . . 

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