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e-leearning_across_globeThe National Partnership for Community Training’s (NPCT) free, annual, 8-week e-learning course is comprised of past live training participants and concludes with the establishment of a participant driven group project relevant to and implemented in the participants’ geographical area that meets the needs of the community

The course is divided into three 2-week segments consisting of webinars, reading assignments, case studies and group discussions led by experts in the torture treatment field from the Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma and the NYU/Bellevue Program for Survivors of Torture.


Course Description

This eight-week course is divided into three major themes:

  • Working with Traumatized Children and Families
  • Measuring Trauma in a Primary Care Setting
  • Group Treatment

Participants will be given two weeks of guided instruction to unpack each of these three themes.  In the final two weeks of the course the participants will apply what they have learned to a practical learning project that fits the needs of their community.

Target Audience

This course is intended for individuals who have attended an onsite NPCT training in the past three years and who provide direct service to refugee/asylee populations in the following disciplines: mental health, medical, legal, social service, case management and spiritual.

Time commitment and participation requirement

The course will last eight (8) weeks and will take about 2 hours per week.  Internet access is required in order to participate in course work.  Participants are encouraged to work with their supervisors to allow space in their work schedules to meet the time commitment.

Each segment of the course will consist of a two week in depth look at one of the three topics of focus and much of it can be done at self-chosen times by each participant.  Once every two weeks participants will be required to participate in a conference call or a live webinar.

Limited Space

Enrollment will be limited to fifteen (15) participants.


Certificates of completion will be provided for participants that complete the course and meet all mandatory requirements of the course within the required time frame.

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