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Health Promotion for Torture and Trauma Survivors

In this webinar Dr. Richard Mollica, director of the Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma, discussed how refugees, immigrants and asylum seekers who have experienced extreme violence and torture are now demonstrating serious chronic illness such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and stroke in countries of resettlement. This webinar helps participants to understand how health promotion can help our clients learn what a health curriculum looks like, learn how to educate clients about healthy lifestyles including how to talk with their doctors about their concerns. Key points addressed include: understanding the impact of traumatic life experiences on one’s physical health, understanding that impact within the cultural context, and learning how the promotion of preventative care and healthy lifestyles early on can have a positive impact in the lives of clients.

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Working Clinically with Traumatized Refugee Children and Families

Working Clinically with Traumatized Refugee Children and Families: A Case Example with Principles of Care

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