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Integrated Health And Mental Health Approaches To The Care Of Torture Survivors

In this webinar Dr. Richard Mollica, director of the Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma, discussed how there is a deep human reality that lies at the heart of violent experiences that must play a central role in healing and recovery. This webinar will present a toolkit for addressing these life experiences and healing the wounds of mass violence by focusing on the patient’s mental health and physical needs.

Dr. Mollica will discuss the 11 point toolkit which includes diagnosis and treatment, reinforcing self-healing, reducing high risk behaviors and preventing burnout.

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World Refugee Day in Tampa Day

Check this awesome video of the Tampa Bay World Refugee Day event last year. Looking forward to another fabulous even this year on June 16th!!

February’s Success Story

Jean is a 15 year-old boy from Haiti. He has been living in this country for a little over two years. He professes to enjoy watching football on TV, playing basketball at the local park with some friends from his neighborhood and learning the art of Haitian cooking from his mother. Jean reports to have had an “O.K.” childhood, but complains that sometimes his father was and is “too strict” on him (Jean’s dad is an ordained minister for a local community church). Jean still recalls how the widespread poverty that he would see in his town and in others when he was a child in Haiti made him dream of living somewhere else. Notwithstanding, some of his favorite childhood memories include playing after school with his friends and going to the beach with his family from time to time. Jean desires to create similar memories in his new homeland, but sometimes is inhibited by his shyness around others and his lack of confidence in his English speaking ability. However, he reports to being ready and willing to meet and make new friends if given the opportunity to do so.

Jean is currently enrolled in our Refugee Youth & Family Program (RYFP) in Palm Beach County, primarily to improve his overall academic performance, with an emphasis on improving his English literacy skills. Program services such as school liaison, ESOL tutoring and homework assistance have been of vital importance to Jean’s slow yet steady progression towards achieving the objectives established for him at the outset of his tenure in the program. Jean has proven to be an attentive and active participant during his tutoring sessions. He displays enthusiasm for the learning material and is visibly engaged throughout the course of the tutoring session. Jean consistently expresses his gratitude for the services being rendered on his behalf, with his strengthening work ethic and dedicated effort serving as further testimony of his appreciation.

It must be noted that Jean has had to face some challenge with his poor reading and writing skills being the foremost obstacles to his English language acquisition. Jean could not relate to early reading material mainly because of his lack of familiarity with the vocabulary. To help increase his general reading skills, Jean’s Youth and Family Specialist began utilizing newspaper articles about local football and basketball teams for their reading exercises. These articles were filled with terms and concepts that Jean was very familiar with thanks to his love for sports. It wasn’t until he was exposed to reading comprehension through the filter the newspaper articles that he began to display more consistent retention of vocabulary and proper pronunciation of the past tense of certain verbs (e.g. passed, jumped). Jean’s increased level of interest in this type of learning activity became immediately evident. Most importantly, he was able to critically analyze the content of the text and discuss the subject matter of the reading from a more informed perspective. His opinions about the newspaper account became more authoritative, as he became more adept at locating information from the text to support his viewpoints. To say that Jean’s reading comprehension ability has dramatically improved in a very short time could be considered an understatement.

At present, Jean is paying more attention to punctuation during reading exercises, and as a result, his reading voice is slowly becoming less monotone. Jean’s speaking is becoming more accurate and his conversational style a little more dynamic, as is demonstrated when giving his opinion about such topics as professional football or local area restaurants. He is almost always in a cheerful mood and arrives motivated and prepared for his tutoring sessions. He has exhibited a growing propensity for conversation that was not readily apparent just a short time ago. Jean has also taken notice of his improvement, which as he now realizes was and is the result of his own effort and concentration. Consequently, this has planted a seed of ambition in his mind. He is currently contemplating the possibility of enrolling in cooking school upon graduation from high school. Although encouraged by his recent positive progress, Jean knows full well that he needs to continue to improve his literacy skills before any future culinary career can be seriously considered.

Through the tutoring assistance and instructional guidance Jean has received to this point, measurable progress has been made. The positive results have been rapidly significant, especially when his initial literacy level is taken into consideration. Going forward, Jean needs to keep improving his English writing skills and become more cognizant of English grammar rules. His effort and determination will also need to remain firm if the positive progress made with his reading ability is to continue. Jean is well aware that his active participation in RYFP and the instructional guidance he is receiving can and will bring about more positive results in the not too distant future.

Community Tampa Bay Featuring RYFP Students

Check out the front page of the 2012 1st Quarter “Be Intentional” Newsletter from Community Tampa Bay as two of our wonderful RYFP students are highlighted as ANYTOWN graduates!!

Overcoming A Violent Past: Understanding the Prevalence of Domestic Violence in Post Conflict Communities

The connections between community violence abroad and domestic violence in the United States are evident by the experiences of domestic violence that some refugee families experience. This webinar will explore how the violence experienced and witnessed abroad integrates itself into the day-to-day lives of refugees, asylum seekers and torture survivors in the United States. The presenter, Serena Chaudhry, will use a case example to explain how the resettlement process can present increased challenges for the structure and well-being of the family.  At the end of the webinar participants will be able to identify commonly associated symptoms such as depression and anxiety, be introduced to possible interventions and learn how to facilitate a cross-cultural conversation regarding domestic violence. [Read more…]