Refugee Resettlement & Placement

Refugee Resettlement & Placement

Refugee Resettlement & Placement resettles refugees from around the world who have been persecuted and fled their home country to come to Pinellas County with the dream of providing their families with a life of freedom, safety, and liberty.  With a goal to help refugees and their families become self-sufficient, services include case management, housing and household goods assistance, cultural orientation, referrals and follow up with a wide range of community service resources.

Contact Information

Pinellas County
14041 Icot Boulevard
Clearwater, FL 33760
P:  727.479.1858
F:  727.450.7285

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Resettling persecuted refugees from around the world

Top Ten Reasons to Hire Our Clients:

  • Immediate Placement

    We have documented, qualified candidates ready to go to work.
  • Save Money.

    No need to pay for advertising, simply call us with your work order.
  • No Paper Hassles

    We will complete your company’s new hire paperwork and documentation.
  • Tax Credits

    Tax credits for employers.

  • Workers With The Skills You Need

    Our clients arrive with a wide variety of skills, from factory worker to professional.
  • Flexiblity

    Employ flexible and loyal workers available immediately.
  • Background Screening

    Clients must pass a thorough background screening prior to coming to the US.
  • Increase Your Productivity

    Our clients bring with them an outstanding work ethic.
  • Cultural Diversity

    Increase the diversity of your staff by adding workers from around the world.


  • Translators

    We will provide a translator, if necessary, for initial training and orientation.

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Volunteers are the life-blood of Gulf Coast JFCS.  We are proud of the ongoing commitment demonstrated by hundreds of volunteers each year.

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