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Not Landing the Job? Learn Why! VIRTUAL

In this free live career-coaching workshop, we will help you understand why some application materials never get past the screening process and why you may not have heard back after an interview. We will help you refresh your job application approach, and you’ll leave this virtual session feeling empowered and more confident in your career journey.

Presented by Robyn Winters, Career Coach


  • Learn top reasons candidates are not contacted after applying (and how to avoid them!)
  • Hear insider tips on how to improve and accelerate the interview process
  • Re-evaluate your application approach
  • Discover tools to bring to future interviews

Materials Needed:  A good attitude & readiness to learn!

Fee-Based Services

At Tampa Bay Job Links, we offer personalized career development services tailored to the needs of the individual. Candidates who select from our À la Carte menu of services are paired with a professional career coach and pay hourly rates for specific services. À la Carte candidates are encouraged to participate in our free Virtual Programs and our in-person Kick-Off Monday workshops in the Tampa office.