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Interview Excellence: Mastering Modern Techniques for a Standout Performance – VIRTUAL

Stand out in interviews with our dynamic workshop tailored for today’s job market! Learn to present yourself as a top candidate by mastering diverse interview questions, both virtually and in person.

Presented by  Robyn Winters, Career Strategist

What you’ll learn:

  • Expertly answer common interview questions
  • Showcase your skills and experience professionally
  • Ace video interviews with best practices
  • Send the right non-verbal communication signals

Please bring a copy of your resume for reference. Sign up now and boost your interview success with live practice opportunities!

Fee-Based Services

At Tampa Bay Job Links, we offer personalized career development services tailored to the needs of the individual. Candidates who select from our À la Carte menu of services are paired with a professional career coach and pay hourly rates for specific services. À la Carte candidates are encouraged to participate in our free Virtual Programs and our in-person Kick-Off Monday workshops in the Tampa office.