Saturday, October 22nd, 2016

Our new logo and how it developed.

The logo of any organization or company is the cornerstone of it’s identity and branding. Do you recognize all the images to the left? Each one is an established brand and should be immediately identifiable. Our goal was to develop an image that represents who we are.







The images you see here are newly branded agencies. Their new images are beginning to become identified with the brand. (The logos represented are: 1. USF St. Pete, 2. the Jewish Community Centers of the Suncoast, 3. St. Pete Chamber of Commerce, 4. United Jewish Communities






These were our existing logos. They were developed a while back and do not represent fully the agency we have become. Since our name has changed, we needed to incorporate one logo that represents one name, one mission, one unified agency.







In the developing stages we decided to take a look at other Jewish Family Services organizations and several children and family agencies from around the country. Here are some of these samples – take a look and see what logos you like.








Several months ago we attempted Round One. These are the logos we asked the Board of Directors to consider. There was no clear winner so we went back to the drawing board. The new logo needed to be an overwhelming YES.







What you see on the left page is the logo that was unanimously accepted by our board and enthusiastically supported by many people in our focus groups.