Age: 14 years old
Born: January 2006

Michael is a 7th grader whose favorite subject is Language Arts. He aspires to become a “cop” or do something that involves mechanics. Like most teens, Michael likes pizza and playing video games. Call of Duty, Spiderman and Minecraft are his favorite games. His favorite hobby is bowling and he looks forward to doing this with his forever family.
If Michael could have a superpower, it would be to control the lightning bolt so that way humanity can control one more element of nature. His favorite superhero for this reason is Thor. If Michael could harness an element of nature he would harness wind as he feels it is the sturdiest—much like his demeanor.
Michael has quite a creative nature and he loves to bring adult coloring books to life with colored pencils. He prefers the cost and style of colored pencils over crayons and he feels his innovative traits are some of his best qualities.
Michael is not your typical child as he loves to clean up—you heard that right—and cook. Meatloaf is his specialty and he prefers to pick out the ingredients at the store himself. Michael also loves being outside either riding his skateboard or bicycle and he is learning how to ollie (leap in the air) on both.
Michael’s biggest inspiration in life is his Case Manager, because his Case Manager has inspired him to make music. Michael now expresses his feelings through rap and sad songs, although he hopes to get back into playing the drums.
Michael’s forever family can have two moms or two dads or one of each or a single parent, what’s more important to him is how you treat him. However, he says he will have to put a max of siblings to only one. Michael likes to have lot of privileges like being able to go biking, skateboarding or for a stroll by himself and have a cell phone.
Michael wants a family who will teach him how to swim and travel places with him. One more wish for this young man is to have a calico cat; now that would be awesome!

Photos courtesy of Julie Semancik.

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