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Supported Housing

A guided step toward independent living

The Supported Housing Program assists individuals who are diagnosed with a severe and persistent mental illness make the transition to independent living. The program assists individuals with locating and maintaining affordable housing of their choice, obtaining and maintaining employment, and improving adult daily living skills with hands-on instruction from staff.


The Supported Housing Program helps members live independently within nine to twelve months of starting the program and includes:

Community & Home Based Rehab:

Community and Home Based Rehab: Assisting consumers with developing goals, locating affordable housing, developing a budget, and linkage to outside services as needed.

Support Services:

Providing direct assistance with daily living skills, side-by-side individual support, and mentoring.

Vocational Coaching:

Assisting members with skills required to interview for and obtain a job, and provides support once employment is obtained.

Eligible candidates for the program are those who:
  • Are 18 years and older
  •  Have been appropriately diagnosed with a severe and persistent mental illness by a psychiatrist within one-year from applying
  •  Able to function independently with little supervision
  •  Are able to self-medicate
  • Currently receiving mental health services
  • Have some form of income
  • Resident of Pasco, Pinellas or Hillsborough County
Referrals* come from:
  • Residential treatment facilities
  •  Psychiatric units
  •  Jails
  • Other community service providers

*All referrals must have a completed Supported Housing Application in addition to a recent psychiatric evaluation.


Referrals should be directed to:

Meghan Harrigan, Program Director
Phone: 727.479.1803
Fax: 727.450.7271

The Supported Housing Program serves Pinellas, Pasco and Hillsborough Counties, and consists of a Program Director and two transitional housing specialists.


Provided by the Central Florida Behavioral Health Network (CFBHN).


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