Saturday, January 20th, 2018

Elder Ed Program

 Caretakers for seniors with substance abuse problems

The Elder Ed Program is a prevention program developed to provide education on social norms and substance abuse to older adults.  The program takes an innovative approach in preventative healthcare for the elderly addressing alcohol and substance abuse, medication mismanagement and other related topics.

Prevention services are provided through presentations on various topics impacting todays seniors. Presentations are provided to seniors at congregate lunch sites, senior centers and senior living communities. Community Educators can also teach substance abuse awareness to adult professionals who work with our aging population on a daily basis.

Since the development of the Elder Ed program in 2000, more than 100,000 elders have benefited from this education program.  Information is disseminated through 30-45 minute presentation on various topics impacting todays seniors with the goal of increasing awareness and preventing substance abuse.

Elder Ed additionally provides substance abuse education for caretakers of seniors with substance abuse problems.

Presentations are provided throughout Pasco, Pinellas & Hillsborough Counties. Topics include but are not limited to:
  • Medication Safety
  • Depression: more than just the Blues
  • Aging Successfully
  • Memory as we age
  • Safe Driving
  • Understanding Grief
  • Pain: You can get help
  • Preventing Falls
  • Getting a Good Nights Sleep
  • Alcohol Use and Aging
  • Learning to Relax


Elder Ed can help you approach your loved one in a supportive and constructive manner, and help them change destructive behavior.


14041 Icot Blvd
Clearwater, FL 33760
Phone: 727.479.1803


Provided by the Department of Children & Families (DCF).



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