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Alternative Family Program

a welcoming home for those with mental illness…

The Alternative Family Program is a structured, therapeutic residential program designed to provide care to adults and elders with serious and persistent mental illness and co-occurring disorders.

Care • Support • Well-being

Adults in AFP homes are treated like family members, with activities and responsibilities to foster a sense of pride, community and happiness.

Alternative Family Program is based upon the therapeutic foster home concept. Trained volunteer sponsors open their homes to adults or seniors with mental illness and welcome them into their families. The caregivers are responsible for the care, support and well-being of the clients and are recruited directly by the program. There are on average over 240 individuals placed in more than 100 homes in 32 counties.

“I got to practice the skills that I have learned in the Step Program. I have learned steps to be more independent. I have learned to respect my Caregiver and self. ” – Janet R.

“I moved in on November 2, 2006 into the best home that I have had in years. At Keith’s I have my own private room with a fish tank, something I have always wanted. I feel so lucky that I found this place.” – Linda I.

“I am very satisfied with the services I have received here. I am very relaxed and content. We are treated like family.” – John R.

AFP was bestowed recognition by the American Psychiatric Association for significant achievement with seriously and persistently mentally ill adults, stating that the program was “an outstanding and important model for community mental health.”

Eligibility Criteria:
  •  19 years or older with a primary DSM IV psychiatric diagnosis on Axis I.
  •  Continent or be able to manage bowel and bladder with light assistance
  •  Able to ambulate with minimal assistance and have the ability to “self preserve” in the presence of life threatening circumstances
  •  Competent, or if legally incompetent, client will have a court appointed guardian.
  •  In a state treatment facility or at risk of a higher level of care or psychiatric hospitalization
  •  Able to function in an unlocked facility, thus not being a danger to self by wandering. In addition, the individual cannot have an episode of elopement within the last 90 days
  •  Not a danger to self or others, nor can the individual have been seriously disruptive or violent within the last 90 days
  • Cannot be suffering from a severely debilitating physical condition (i.e., Alzheimer’s Organic Brain Syndrome, Cancer, and/or Severe Cardiopulmonary Disease) requiring moderate to advanced nursing care or use of technical equipment such as IV’s, oxygen, or monitoring devices which cannot be accommodated by the caregiver.
  • Must have some form of income, including SSI/SSDI, to pay for cost of care/room and board

Pinellas County: 727.479.1878

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Provided by The Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) .


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